World of Sanctum Series

Sanctum: Sands of Setesh

"There is no choosing between lesser evils. Both must fall to the sword."

When they left Avalon, it was in search of adventure.

Now Reynard is dead, and Ser Isolde is trapped in a strange land with no way home. Duty and honour drive her to complete Reynard’s quest beneath the sands. But Setesh is nothing like her mystical realm of Avalon, and Ser Isolde will have to befriend another if she is to survive. Isolde just never expected it to be an orc.

Pledged to the service of the Radiant Lord, Orc Priest Tulok is assigned the duty of aiding this foreign knight see her quest to its bitter end. For there are more dangers in these sands than scorpions and blistering heat. Not only will the unlikely pair have to overcome the fierce wilds of Setesh and their own differences, but the dangerous Divine of the world of Sanctum still walk the lands, and they have taken a vested interest in the knight and her orc companion.
Welcome to Sanctum.

Longest Night
A Sanctum Tale

No matter how far away we may be from our homes and cultures of birth, there is often something similar that we can discover if we open our hearts. On the far shores of a foreign land, Knight Wanderer Isolde du'Avalonne stares at the winter sky of the desert realm, and wonders about her homeland so very far away on this longest night of the year.

A short story for the winter holiday in all of us.

Sanctum: Forests of Avalon 

Avalon was dying ...

Or at least that was what the dreams said. Charged by Faith and Justice, Knight Wanderer Isolde and the Radiant Priest Tulok must abandon the arid Realm of Setesh and travel across the sea to a land of ancient magics and even stranger customs. A place where the Fae and Morpheum creatures hold court, and the Gods themselves walk alongside mortals! Racing to end the machinations of a rogue Vidria, and the growing corruption of a crazed ancient of untold power, can the knight and her priestly companion reach them in time, or will the land be forever severed from its magic?

Tread lightly in Avalon, for the land is alive, and watching ...

C.S. Kading and Tony Fuentes return to the World of Sanctum with the second installment in this epic sword and sorcery series.

They got it all wrong ...

Every faith has a story of how the world ends. It is hard coded in all mythologies. But when the end of the universe actually happened, it was unlike anything ever predicted or imagined.

The Divine Beings who survived the Reaping crafted a place of survival for their people and ushered them to its safety. They called it Sanctum.

Gone are the once glorious civilizations of myth and legend. Gone are the heroes of ancient days: Hippolyta, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, Cleopatra, and Arthur. These stories are now the foundations of civilizations seeking to rebuild in the wake of destruction. Here, in Sanctum, myths are made real, some crafted from the clay of this new world; others pulled from the dreams and nightmares of the old. From minds of Human and Orc, Dwarf and Fae.

For five thousand years, the survivors of the Reaping have tried to reassemble some shadow of the former glory. And yet, cultures war with one another, seeking supremacy and control while their chosen Divine Beings continue their ancient battles in the heavens.

All the while the scholars watch the moonless sky, dreading any portent that the catastrophe they call the Reaping has returned once more.