Fabricating Fantasy from the Dust of Dreams

Award Winning Stories from Authors C.S. Kading & Tony Fuentes

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He died before he could teach her anything. Trapped on the shores of a foreign land, Knight Wanderer Isolde du'Avalonne must set her Lord’s soul to rest before she can journey home to the magical island of Avalon. Joined by an Orc Priest named Tulok, they must travel across the treacherous sands of the deserts of Setesh to an ancient Temple lost to the memories of time in hopes of setting things right. There are more dangers in these sands than scorpions and blistering heat that must be overcome if they are to see this to the end -- the Divine of Sanctum still walk the lands, and they have a vested interest in the Knight and her Priestly companion. Welcome to Sanctum.

Two Time Award Winning Novel !

A unique twist to classical fantasy that provides a new adventure to a favorite genre.

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